Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I like the quote we got from the 2nd engineer, but I'm just not 100% sure that his solution will fix the problem we want him to address. On one hand, I think I trust that he knows a whole more about structural engineering than I do, his description of the settling sounds valid, and his confidence is comforting. On the other hand, John K. points out that everything from the basement to the first floor is level, that it's above the rebuilt part of the kitchen that appears to be the problem. I did point this out to the engineer, and he still went back to the support column settling scenario. I'm going to ask him to come back again to be double sure.

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Kathleen said...

That's interesting. Why don't you ask engineer #2 why things are level from the basement to the first floor? Did the whole basement sink in a level manner?

Where's the rebuilt part of the kitchen? By the basement stairs? Why was it rebuilt?