Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My friend and neighbor, John K., just had sod installed in his backyard. He was thrilled, and so were the raccoons. Every morning John comes down to see whole sections of sod lifted very carefully by the raccoons so they can get to the grubs underneath. He ordered coyote urine (I don't know if this is where he ordered it, but this is what I'm talking about) and that worked for one night. He just put down some anti-grub stuff. We'll see if THAT works, since it is apparently the grubs they're after. Anybody have any ideas?


Kathleen said...

I have an idea. Get this motion activated sprinker called a scarecrow. It will blast water at the racoons. I would think that the coyote urine will leave burn marks on the grass. http://www2.yardiac.com/long.asp?item_id=885&promo=google&gclid=CPCA1py1x5MCFQuXGgodUmJRDA

John the husband said...

I have another idea. Tell your neighbor to install a night vision web cam so we can see the raccoons in action. It would be a contender on youtube.