Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I mailed off the contract and a deposit to Geofreeze today. Yay! The paperwork says I'll be on their schedule within a week of them getting my check. And cashing it, I'm sure, but still. I'm dusting off the sledgehammer and claw tool. I'm just itching to get into that wall to see what's what. Then I want it fixed and I want to paint. And drag the livingroom furniture to the curb, strip and paint in there, then move to the dining room. My friend Wendy keeps asking (and has been for months, maybe years) what COLOR do I want. Have we picked a COLOR yet. Honestly. The color comes so far down the list of why we haven't moved forward, it doesn't matter. Well, it does to Russ. I guess it does to me too, but I'm the one picking the chips and he's the one saying, "No that won't do." What he wants is no color. With white trim. I don't want it to look like the Caribbean (all hot pink and turquoise), but I want something. He doesn't seem to mind the color of dirt, fingerprints, and dog noseprints that have been there for as long as we've lived in the house.


Kathleen said...

The color you choose for your living room is going to have to go with the upholstered furniture you have in there. If you are putting the furniture on the curb, I think you must be buying some new things. (Or, are you going for the bare look?) Why don't you figure out the upholstery and then choose the paint?

Actually, that's how the color consultant helped choose my living room color. She looked at the rug, keyed in on its color, and then suggested the wall color. Magic.

Kathleen said...

We should make a trip to this place: