Friday, July 25, 2008

Mario and his boyz are here getting started. I dashed over to the paint store for one last sample. Russ thinks Light Yellow will be the ticket. This after I got the scientific breakdown on the colors I'd selected. Holy Cow! I guess the yellow is o.k. with me, though I wanted to go more neutral, and thought Russ did too. You must wonder how we decide what to eat for dinner each day.

This is Light Yellow:

The boyz have taped off the openings to the living and dining rooms with plastic sheeting. Troy will have to climb under to get out of the livingroom in a few minutes! I'll have to shut the dogs in the kitchen/basement side of the house. Molly has already tried pushing her way through the plastic, and she keeps trying when she doesn't think anybody is looking.

Russ asked Mario to please put two coats of Kilz primer on everything before they start painting. Mario rolled his eyes at me (behind Russ's back) kind of like a horse will when you're trying to make him do something he thinks is stupid. I believe he intended to prime the bare wood, but it clearly didn't make any sense to him to prime everything else. He said he would, however, so good for him. I'm not going to check to see if he did two coats.


Kathleen said...

Hmmm. Maybe choosing the paint color gives Russ a feeling ownership in the project. (We know that you really own the project, though.) I can't find "Light Yellow" in my fan deck. What's the number on it? Tell me; I want to play along.

Kathy said...

It's 2022-60. I also tried a sample of cream yellow, but it's too brown. Creme Brulee (2022-70) was a possibility too, but the light yellow gives more contrast.

Kathleen said...

This is like a serial mystery. I can't wait to see the next, and perhaps temporary, look of the foyer and hall.

Benjamin Moore Muslin is a nice looking color. So is Linen white. Just in case creme brulee doesn't work for you.

jsb said...

Ok, I think it's time to see Kathleen's color consultant license and training documentation before we go any further.