Monday, July 21, 2008

What's getting painted

This is the blasted hallway, the first thing you see when you enter my home. Ugh. The archway to the dining room is to your left, the livingroom to your right. In this shot, you can see the two colors up for selection next to the trim on the right of the photo. I did a swatch of Barely Beige on the top, and Lambskin on the bottom. (I just got up and checked my penciled notes on the wall to be sure.) As Kathleen says, the Barely Beige has a little bit more personality, which is to say still not much, but it will still give a bit more contrast to the white trim when it is indeed clean and white again. By the way, the discoloration on the lower half of the wall coming down the stairs is from Russ's mom putting gloss paint on that part to "separate it" from the rest of the wall. I think it just attracted fingerprints from the children and nose prints from the dogs.
Russ promises to put up a Shaker rail on the wall to the left for coats, leashes, etc., but I'm thinking that's going to make our pristine wall look trashy. We should find another place for our coats or do without. The funny thing is, the coats hanging in the closet have been there for years, hardly used, while we keep putting more hooks on the door and on the wall of the stairs to hang the things we use more frequently. Whatever. None of us (yes, ), me included, can keep to a two coat limit. I can't remember what Russ's mother used to do, but she would never have put up with this mess. I say leave the hooks on the side of the stairs (that you can't see) for leashes and backpacks), but coats get hung up or tossed. Well, tossed into bedrooms anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think you should eliminate the coat-catcher closet and open it to whatever is behind. Another access point to the kitchen?

Kathleen said...

You will have to hide the hammer and power tools. I agree, leave the wall pristine.

Zack's coats will go to Colorado. You can convince Troy that he only needs one. There. It's almost cleaned out.