Thursday, August 28, 2008

Colors That Men Love

Just saw this article in House Beautiful about the colors that men love. My man would never, ever, ever go with most of these, I don't care if they ARE the colors of his favorite football team. I did like the Ralph Loren Yellowhammer.

More painting

Yay! Mario is coming tonight to take a look at Zack's room (now Troy's room) to repaint. He'll paint that and repaint the hallway. I'm on a roll! Thankfully Troy wants blue, just a bit darker than what's in there already. It's due for repainting. Zack left such a mess in there! Troy's been sleeping there since Zack left, but he's had to put Zack's stuff in piles. One pile for stuff he (Troy) doesn't want, and another for stuff he DOES want. Not that it's automatically his. Zack told him he had to send a list of stuff he wants and Zack will decide. Sheesh!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The House and the Road

Sent my oldest off to college Monday morning. You know, it's a conundrum. On one hand I want him to go, to want the new experiences, knowledge, and, yes, make his own mistakes, but on the other hand I want him to cling to me, telling me he doesn't want to leave, that he loves me. that he'll miss me. How much harder this would be, though, if I was having to pry his fingers from me, from the lintel of the front door, pushing him out the door to get him on his way. So I'm not really sad, but I do miss him already. A friend sent me this poem that made me cry a little:

The House and the Road
By Josephine Preston Peabody (1874-1922)

The little Road says, Go,
The little House says, Stay:
And O, it's bonny here at home,
But I must go away.

The little Road, like me,
Would seek and turn and know;
And forth I must, to learn the things
The little Road would show!

And go I must, my dears,
And journey while I may,
Though heart be sore for the little House
That had no word but Stay.

Maybe, no other way
Your child could ever know
Why a little House would have you stay,
When a little Road says, Go.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More on the to-do list

The light yellow is starting to grow on me, but not on Russ. Will try the creme brulee. I also realize that I need to replace the light switches-- they are all old and gross and different colors, even when there are two on the same switch box! I'm thinking white all the way around. White switches and plates. Oh, and white outlets too. Guess I'm heading to Home Depot tomorrow.

Poor Mario-- he had to put up with Russ and then I forgot to send him a check last weekend when I was home for all of 24 hours. He'll pick up his check tonight. He had to call and leave a message asking if the check might have been lost in the mail.

Now if I could as easily straighten out my escrow situation! Title company said they paid it but the county is leaving me messages about "avoiding an embarrassing situation." Oy.