Monday, August 11, 2008

More on the to-do list

The light yellow is starting to grow on me, but not on Russ. Will try the creme brulee. I also realize that I need to replace the light switches-- they are all old and gross and different colors, even when there are two on the same switch box! I'm thinking white all the way around. White switches and plates. Oh, and white outlets too. Guess I'm heading to Home Depot tomorrow.

Poor Mario-- he had to put up with Russ and then I forgot to send him a check last weekend when I was home for all of 24 hours. He'll pick up his check tonight. He had to call and leave a message asking if the check might have been lost in the mail.

Now if I could as easily straighten out my escrow situation! Title company said they paid it but the county is leaving me messages about "avoiding an embarrassing situation." Oy.


Kathleen said...

You know what might look nice in your dining room if you end up keeping the yellow is a greenish color. I'm expert on green these days, since it's in my bedroom and dining room.
Bedroom - guilford green
Dining room - weekend getaway (75%)
Powder room - aganthus green
Whatever you do, avoid beige in the rooms next to the yellow hallway.

John Bennett said...

All our outlets and switches are white. At first it seemed odd because I am so used to the standard (not really standard) beige, but white is good. Better than mixed.

Kathleen said...

I think you should get the old fashioned switches like Rejuvenation Hardware sells. I think Russ would like them.