Thursday, August 28, 2008

More painting

Yay! Mario is coming tonight to take a look at Zack's room (now Troy's room) to repaint. He'll paint that and repaint the hallway. I'm on a roll! Thankfully Troy wants blue, just a bit darker than what's in there already. It's due for repainting. Zack left such a mess in there! Troy's been sleeping there since Zack left, but he's had to put Zack's stuff in piles. One pile for stuff he (Troy) doesn't want, and another for stuff he DOES want. Not that it's automatically his. Zack told him he had to send a list of stuff he wants and Zack will decide. Sheesh!

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Kathleen said...

Now, it's a good thing Troy is a nice kid. In his shoes, I'd be tempted to put some of Zack's stuff on Ebay and email him the links.