Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dog Fight

Mosby and Molly have developed this bad habit of barking at each other while they're eating. If left alone they've been known to attack each other as they are both curious to see what scraps might have been left in each other's bowl. As if. They both practically take the finish off the porcelain before they're done. Anyway, last night, hours after they'd eaten, Molly pranced past Mosby and I think Mosby didn't like it and snapped at her. She, of course, had to come back at him. They had quite a tussle before I could get them apart. Mosby has so little maneuvering ability anymore-- he can't reallly back up without just going all the way down. Once he's up he's fine though, and he still walks well and enjoys our morning and evening forays.

Anyway, a few minutes after the scuffle, Troy calls downstairs that Molly is bleeding-- Mosby had taken a chunk out of her left ear. I managed to confine her to the bathroom to clean her up, sat with her for a while to calm her down, and then left her there on a dog bed for an hour or so to be sure she'd stopped bleeding before we went to bed. Got Troy calmed down (blood all over his comforter had kinda freaked him out) and there were a few splatters on the freshly painted dormers. She seems fine this morning, and it might be my imagination, but they even seemed a bit chastened this morning when they ate. No barking.

If he's going to be a danger to live with, even just for Molly, we've got a problem. I just want him to be o.k. until Christmas for Zack to get home. After that, if/when he goes downhill, Zack will have had his chance to say goodbye.


Kathleen said...

Wow. Scary. You know, I feed my dogs in separate rooms with the doors shut. They get kind of snarky with each other about food. Try that for a while with Mosby and Molly. It was probably just a freak thing, but Mosby could have overreacted because he experienced a sudden or unexpected pain when the scuffle started.

Do you have paint to touch up the blood on the walls?

Kathy said...

Mosby eats in the kitchen and Molly in the dining room these days, and we shut the door too. This scuffle didn't have anything to do with food, which is what bothers me. Usually once the food is gone they go back to being buddies.

The blood came off the paint, thank goodness.