Monday, October 27, 2008

Cedar Closets

I have not just been breaking in the new drinking glasses lately! The first two pictures are of the master bedroom closet, the second set are Troy's closet. No snarky comments on how not-tidy they are, but I wanted you to see the cedar. Russ did a beautiful job installing tongue-in-groove cedar and shelving and trim. He did this work before Zack was born. You can still smell a little cedar, but not much. Nothing reminiscent of a gerbil cage. He also had to work around gables in the roof.


Kathleen said...

Your cedar closets are very handsome. Kudos to Russ. That's how they are supposed to look. Where'd you win all those trophies?

I don't believe you about the drinking glasses. Show me what has changed at your house since the drinking glasses arrived.

Kathy said...

Those are some of Zack's cycling trophies.

Um, let's see. . . what HAVE I been doing. . .