Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Loved This Article

I read the sweetest article in this past Sunday's Washington Post Magazine. It was by Gene Weingarten, but not his usual column. What a sad sweet tribute. Makes me think about Mosby and Molly being in their dotage. I took Molly in to the vet last Friday. We saw Dr. Schrader. I never get to see him, and I'm reminded why we like that practice so much. He thought Molly's ear (where Mosby nipped her) would heal just fine, if notched, looked her all over, wasn't too upset by being the recipient of one of Molly's special smiles when he had to poke her a bit. He declares her fit, if a couple of pounds heavy (that got him another special smile). Her ears (on the inside) have been problematic for years. Very itchy, and she's generally itchy all over. He said her inner ears are malformed-- too narrow, and with any inflammation (like now) the opening is even smaller. Too small for standard ointments. So we're on an antibiotic and a steroid to reduce the inflammation. She's like a new dog. I'm surprised her brains aren't scrambled after all the years of head-shaking. She also got her nails trimmed. I hear the technicians had to muzzle her for that. Too many special smiles. I'll have to see if I can capture one on my camera for posterity.


Kathleen said...

Molly is so good. The special smile, yes. That's interesting about her ears. Glad she's doing better.

I usually ask for Dr. Schrader when I go to the vet. He's really good and still allows me to bring my dogs into see him, even though they lose control of their bladders once they are in his sights.

Kathleen said...

I read the article. Very touching. Reminded me of my old dogs - Baskerville, Dudley and Charles.