Monday, October 20, 2008

New Lamps

We made it to Crate and Barrel finally to spend our gift cards. Hurray for gift cards! We bought two of these desk lamps for the livingroom. It might seem funny to get new lamps in an old crappy livingroom, but we do still use the room and it was too dark to read with the one lamp. I like this style because its heighth is adjustable. It goes nicely with the apothecary cabinet (the one piece of furniture in the livingroom that we'll keep), and the white shade makes it very bright.
Also replaced our drinking glasses.

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Kathleen said...

You must give those drinking glasses a rest and update your blog.

This morning, here at Fallingwalls, I explained how to properly paint an interior door to the painters. Russ would have been proud of me. Telling people how to do their jobs is so much freaking fun. The painter, however, was humble and without attitude. That made the lesson a pleasure.