Monday, December 22, 2008


Alright, pipe down. I know I don't stage food as nicely as Martha's minions staged hers, but I thought these turned out o.k. Zack said they were lame, but he's also sporting a mohawk so I don't have to take him too seriously. I tried to find recipes on her website with no luck. I got them as an insert to my magazine subscription invoice. The ones on the bottom were supposed to look more like snowballs. Again-- oh well. They did taste good.


Kathleen said...

They look fantastic and delicious. Did they take a lot of effort?

Today is John's birthday. After I take Inga for her annual physical, I'm heading to Target to buy beaters so I can make a cake. (My beaters - I know they are somewhere, but have no idea where to look.)

GB said...

Looks like you got "help" with the frosting on top.