Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Training

Zack was home for the holidays. He has a training schedule, no matter the weather, so when it was really cold, he set up his rollers. They are usually set up in the basement in the doorframe between the family room and the utility room, but since his dad wanted to watch something on tv (and the rollers do make some noise), Zack took his bike and the rollers upstairs to the little bedroom. The little bedroom used to be Troy's, but they worked out some sort of arrangement when Zack first left home that gave Troy the bigger bedroom. Anyway, this little bedroom is barely 6' x 9' so it was funny to see the rollers in there. Can you see the open window? This was one of the coldest days of the season but Zack had sweat dripping off of him. In this photo you can't quite see the new tattoo I discovered on the inside of his left upper arm. It looks sort of like the mushroom below. He insists it's not a drug-related reference, and I believe him. He told me that one reason he got it was because with a goofy mushroom on his inner arm he wouldn't ever be able to take himself too seriously and grow up to be a grumpy old man.


GB said...

Zack's dedication is pretty awesome and I hope he has a great season. I think the air up in the dino room is better than the basement anyway.

Kathleen said...

I always think of him as an eight-year-old kid. Who is that guy on the bike with a tattoo?