Sunday, March 29, 2009

Procrastinating, still

Let's see. . . what else can I do to keep me from finishing my taxes? Oh yeah! I'll post on the blog! It's not like they're that hard, or that my finances are that complicated. I just. don't. want. to. do. them. I must though, so that I can go on to do the rest of the paperwork for Z's school loans. Yikes. I think that deadline is 3/30, hence my angst. So far today I've downloaded the pictures I took facepainting at the fair yesterday, spent a good hour looking for a usable disk (unsuccessfully), visiting a neighbor for an hour (the neighbor that I thought would have a disk but did not), worked the WashPo Sunday crossword (in ink, thank you very much), and now younger son wants to go to Target to do his part to stimulate the economy. And get lunch while we're out, of course. Crap! Then it'll be time to start dinner. I haven't even done the dishes from yesterday's dinner. To be fair, I must admit to a slight handicap in the dishes department. Aside from the fact that nobody else jumped in to do them, that is. I sliced my thumb in a horrible way last night. I was supposed to be slicing zucchini. There's a reason the mandoline has a little puck-shaped item that one is supposed to use to hold on to the vegetable one is slicing. If one doesn't use it, one's thumb comes perilously close to the blade. Or in my case, finds the blade, and finds it very sharp. I managed to staunch the bleeding and bandage it, but now I don't want to get it wet. That would mean having to change the bandage and I don't even want to look at it.
Well, it's off to Target. Here are a couple of faces from facepainting yesterday. Aren't they cute??

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Kathleen said...

Cute little kids. They look pleased.

Now, your poor thumb. Exercise care with the mandoline. Those things are sharp.