Thursday, May 28, 2009

Expensive Lunch

After yesterday's disastrous discovery that my fridge went kaput, we gave it about 10 seconds consideration before deciding that we would get a new unit. Twenty years is long enough, don't you think?
Nothing says "love" like a little lunchtime refrigerator shopping with one's spouse. Actually, I think we did well. Here's what we bought

The only bad news is is that it won't be delivered until next Tuesday. We'll have to live out of the cooler and the neighbor's fridge. We opted to not get the in-door water/ice dispenser, but it does have an in-freezer ice maker. Russ is skeptical that we can hook up the water (if we keep it where it is), but I think it would not be a problem. I did agree that if we're going to keep it where it is (even if it's not forever), we need to be able to move it out of the way occasionally and we wouldn't be able to do that if it were hooked up to a water line.

What they call "french doors" will work great even in the narrow space we've got. Side by side doors, but one big fridge inside. The freezer is a big bin, but there's also a slide out smaller drawer that will be handy. I'm so excited! We also picked up an LG microwave. Neither of us realized how inexpensive microwaves are now.

This is the one we bought:

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Succulents

This spring's pot o'succulents is a bit more elaborate than last year's. In addition to the hens and chicks that I love, I found some agave and a couple of trailing varieties to make it more interesting. I love the colors too.

These hens wintered over quite well, and seem quite happy in the strawberry pot. Not sure how they'll do with all the rain we're having here in NoVa, but they'll dry out soon enough I suppose.

I have a poor excuse of an herb garden in the top part of the garden. The chives are blooming in front of my walking stick tree. Now if I could just get the yucca to die off underneath the tree. I think there were just pieces of root left after I moved four or five yuccas year before last, but they insist on making an appearance. I keep cutting them back but they keep sending new shoots up. If I can dig them out I'll give them a reprieve in the south forty.