Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally Back

To those few loyal followers waiting patiently for me to make an appearance in blogland, thanks for checking in again. I've had computer issues, on top of a looooong chore list. Got the new computer, but it wasn't what I wanted. The old one is sooooo slow it's difficult to work with pictures, so I'm back yet photo-less for the moment.

Have a great day for the 4th! It is just beautiful here this morning. Should stay nice all day. I worked (and worked and worked) at pulling up the variegated vinca vine that has proliferated under my big maple next to the screened porch. I'm sure that it is part of the problem with that tree. The trunk has been so shaded that I think it has begun to rot. Removing the vines (I hope) will help it get more air and water. Putting the fern garden under the smaller maple at the driveway causes me to have to water there regularly, which I think has helped that tree make a big turnaround. It was looking kind of peaked a few years ago.

I also weeded around the pagoda. A story unfolded in my head as I pulled bag after bag of weeds. . . For generations the legends told of the haunted pagoda. The jungle was so thick no one had seen it for years. Until, that is, archeologist and bon vivant Virginia Smith hacked her way through the trackless tangle. . . you get the idea. Anyway, now you can see the lovely calla lilies blooming, pink and bright yellow. The rabbits aren't happy though. I've reduced their habitat significantly. I thought my chard was contribution enough. I think there are two plants left out of six with any leaves on them.

John K. is meandering the neighborhood in his bathrobe, surveying the scene for the upcoming festivities. Troy gets home noonish and I can't wait to hear his stories about camp. We got updates daily, though nothing specific to Troy. Swimming, races, canoeing, ghost stories around a camp fire. . . sounds idyllic, doesn't it?

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Kathleen said...

What kind of computer?

Good for you - all that weed pulling.