Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First Call for Frost

I heard the first frost warning for NoVa on the radio this morning. Time to bring in the plants from the patio. They really don't do well inside my house. I get so little light and it's so dry. They do o.k. to begin with, but by the spring they are barely clinging to life. I get them back outside as fast as I can. I can bring the prayer plant to my office, and maybe the Swedish(?) ivy, but my office is in the interior of my building and I get no natural light. This reminds me of an old friend of mine. She was an attorney, back when she was working full-time, and every day she would come home at the end of the work day with a red nose. Kind of like mine gets after a glass of wine. We would tease her about her apparently liquid lunches, but the reality was, she was allergic to the flourescent lights. Who knew? Anyway, I once had an enormous Christmas cactus that died after a school year here in my office. Made me very sad. I thought the flourescent lights would have been enough, but it wasn't. I miss having living green things in my work space, other than the germs that come from all these kids, that is. Maybe I'll get a grow-light and set up a little indoor garden area.


Kathleen said...

The grow light is a great idea. Maybe have a little winter wonderland of plants to cheer your office.

Germy kids. Well, there's Lysol, right?

Did you read the article on h1n1 vaccines in today's Post? Metro section? Lots of panic out there.

Kathy said...

I'll add the indoor garden to my punch list. Yeah-- the flu panic is pervasive. Arlington paid for the seasonal flu vaccine for employees (got mine yesterday), and the h1n1 for the students (starting next week I think). Troy will get his then, but I don't know if/when we will get it. Both are a good idea, or so I'm told.

ADG said...

Snow last Sunday in Boston. I'm not ready