Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Math

I'm sorry. These have probably been around the world several times via the internet, but I still find them funny. I think kids should get some sort of credit for at least trying to be a smart ass. Sure beats a blank page and the sound of crickets.

And my personal favorite:

Which one's yours?


ADG said...

Oh my god....that was funny!

John the husband of Kathleen said...

My favorite is also Find X. A guy at work put it on his door across from my office a few months ago. It's fun to watch people's reactions to it. Some of the geeks read it and don't quite get the humor at first.

Amanda said...

What a funny post - I am saving it to show my teenage son. Nice blog:)

Kathy said...

Amanda-- Thanks for stopping by. I love the photographs you posted on your site. I have a niece who just finished a master's in historic preservation in Delaware-- I know the area is beautiful.