Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharing the Road

Yikes-- I nearly hit a bicyclist this morning. I pulled through the mail drop lane at the Geo. Mason Dr. post office. I had to wait to exit for a kid walking a dog to cross the exit lane and looked carefully to my left for traffic coming over the hill from Lee Hwy. You know people fly over that hill. There was a car just pulled into the on-street parking lane. The rider must have been just behind that car when I looked, because I sure didn't see him. I was going so slowly he had plenty of time to slow himself down (he must have been going fast). He rang his bell at me and followed me as I turned right on to whatever street that is that takes you up to Harrison. I realized as I stopped at the sign at Harrison that he was turning around to get back onto George Mason so he must have been trying to follow me, I guess to yell at me. I really did not see him, though I did look and saw the other parking car and no other cars approaching as I turned. Holy cow! I'm sure I scared him, but he sure scared me too!

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Kathleen said...

Is it me, or do cyclists seem a bit angry? I mean, he tried to follow you? Yikes. Sounds like he was just as much to blame, if not more, for the near-miss. I have some gripes about cyclists and speed. They fly down the bike path near the park by my house, going way too fast for anyone's safety. Whatever happened to common courtesy?