Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seeing Past the Holiday

Can you tell I've got Aruba on my mind? I asked Russ for our itinerary so I can work out some pesky little details, like childcare for the poor waif we're leaving behind. Here's the response I got:

Fly down Wednesday morning, January 20, out of Ronnie Reagan, first class, non-stop, United Airbus A320 - get tan, stay drunk except for snorkling, operating a motor vehicle, and reading.

Fly back Saturday, January 30, into Ronnie Reagan, first class, non-stop, United Airbus A320 - get pasty, return to sobriety, go back to work, convince Troy that his parents are indeed Caucasian.

What more do you need?

Can you tell he's feeling frisky? I can't wait. . .


Kathleen said...

What's Troy planning for your time away?

ELS said...

Fantastic schedule! Make sure you stick to it! Hope that you have a fabulous time

Kathy said...

My good friend Wendy, known to Troy as Miss Wendy, aka Aunt Wonderful, will stay here at the house with him and Molly, though Molly will not be permitted bed privileges with Wendy. What a shock THAT will be! She'll be more than o.k. with Troy, and Troy will be spoiled beyhond all recognition.

Amanda said...

Wow, the picture alone is to die for! It's been so frigid here, just unbearable - Good for you for escaping, I hope you have a great time!