Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simon Bolivar

Bright-eyed boy had one last project to cap off this interminable school year. The point of the project was to write a biography. He could choose from a list, but any other name he recognized was taken. In any case, he found Simon Bolivar interesting. He also discovered that they share a birthday, which really sparked his enthusiasm.

His report is in the form of diary entries and letters he wrote home to his mother and father. To get the best grade, students were to dress up as their subject. This is all well and good, but of course this particular requirement wasn't brought to my attention until a day or so before show time. Only one trip to the fabric store later, and we had what we needed. A sports jacket that was almost too small, a packet of gold buttons, and my favorite touch, the epaulets from the curtain trim department. He wore a pair of my cropped white jeans tucked into his dad's Frye boots.

Here's Senor Bolivar:
And here's his doppelganger:

Troy drew the line when I offered to draw on a little mustache. He does make me laugh. Oh, and he got an A on the report.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

R and T decided that Conan the Barbarian was what our viewing pleasure was this evening. I enjoy the series, but having seen this film at least 160 times, I opted for the late dog walk. Also got to visit the back door neighbors with the new baby. Baby was sleeping so I didn't stay long. The walk through the woods was more memorable. Another neighbor's grandson, whom we've babysat in his babyhood, was visiting from California. This babe is now 21, just today. He flew east from LA with his 2-year old pit bull, Domino, and his girlfriend. G-friend was friendly, indicating an interest in a martini that proved her taste to be more apple-tini than gin related, but still. Anyway, sitting on the patio, come to find out, she's never seen fireflies. She's never seen them before. I remembered this tonight, as the boys were enjoying Conan and I was enjoying a rain-cooled walk in the woods with Miss Molly. The fireflies were everywhere, and I decided I don't think I could live anywhere without fireflies.