Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Uncertain Age

Anybody who knows me knows something about the journey I've taken over the last four years to lose a great deal of weight and to keep it off. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I know, however, that I'm not 20 any more, but I don't think I'm an ancient yet. Why, you might ask, do I make this declaration? A little girl at the pool, maybe seven or eight, upon seeing me slide into the deep end of the pool, into what is supposed to be an area for adults, I might add, says to her companion, "There's an old lady getting into the pool!"

I guess that's me. Little git.


Gail, in northern California said...

Your "Posts from the dark side of home"....that's got to be one of them.

Little tykers, makes you wonder what goes through their minds. They can sure blurt out the darnedest things.

Kathleen said...

I had to look up the word 'git' because I've not seen it before. What an apt use. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary!

The thing is, gits aside, we're all getting older. You look great and I don't mean that you look great for your age. You just look great. You look pretty, happy and healthy.

In Target last week, there was a woman and young child in the line next to me. A very old woman got in line behind them. The mother told the woman to go ahead and get in line in front of them. As the woman moved ahead in line, the child said "Why is that woman so old?" The mother instantly shushed the child. The elderly woman didn't hear the child's remark or didn't give any indication that she heard it. And, I thought to myself, the woman is so old because she's lucky. Darn lucky. It's just the bargain we make as we move through life. More life, more wrinkles.

Kathy said...

Gail-- kids do say the darndest things, and they usually make me laugh, but this little girl was plain rude, bossy, and obnoxious. Not so much to me, but to her little companion too. I'd been hearing them play for a while. It was her tone in her comment to me, as if she knew she was being insulting.

Kathleen-- you are so nice.

Gail, in northern California said...

I'm old enough to remember the movie "The Bad Seed". It was brought to mind when you said "...as if she knew she was being insulting." How sad for her to have such hateful thoughts at such an early age.

Kathy said...

Ha! I remember Rhoda in that movie too. I hadn't thought of it, but now that you mention it, it is very apt.

Pam J. said...

It's weird getting older.