Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's All Good

Sadly no photos, but the week is going well. Funny, how I know I get along with anybody and everybody, but "getting to know" people takes some time. You have to finesse these things to a certain extent. Inquire, but not pry. Share, but not intrude. Then, sometimes suddenly, you have a connection! Cooking! or, Gardening!, or Weight Loss!. Sometimes it's more tenuous. . . you discover a school in common with your kids, or in a small-world kind of way, the person who is training you graduated three years ago from the same school where your oldest is attending, and from the same degree program. . . holy smokes! Too funny.

Good people, and I look forward to getting to know them better, one-on-one, face-to-face, not sifting to find the common thread.


Kathleen said...

You are an easy person to be around. Your friends and family are lucky!

Glad it is going well at the new office.

Anne Cassidy said...

What a great week for the start of a new adventure. The cherry blossoms blooming, a new sign of spring every day. Glad to hear it's all going well!