Friday, August 5, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In this context, the bad and the ugly are one and the same. I'm having a real challenge with my tomatoes this year. They're growing great, producing large well formed fruit, but they are being nibbled at. I'm sure it's birds nipping away, so I covered both plants with anti-bird netting. What you see here is AFTER I installed the netting. grrrr.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Finally got one before anybody (or anything) else touched it. Let's break out the mozzarella, basil, and good balsamic vinegar and have lunch.


Kathleen said...

I've been picking my tomatoes while they are still a little green. If I leave them on the vine, they are attacked, just like yours have been.

Anne Cassidy said...

Kathy, I'm envious that you have tomatoes at all. We have so little sunlight that the most we can manage are a few pots on the deck. Our total harvest: Less than a dozen. Guess we need more pots!