Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Now, the Bathroom

See-- just a 5x8 bathroom. Russ and I always thought that putting the bathtup up against the far wall (where the toilet is now) would open the room up a lot, but I think moving the toilet plumbing would be problematic (and expensive). I like the open-on-two-sides tub, though I might consider putting a shoulder- or waist-height wall on the short side. Maybe glass block. There's a window with a towel rack to the right just outside the frame of this photo, which you can see below.

We have to keep the trash can on top of the radiator behind the door to keep Molly out of the trash.

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Kathleen said...

I so understand the trash can on top of the radiator. This morning, while I was showering, Elsa took my watch and some documents outside. If it's not nailed down....

I like that bathroom of yours. The tub is great. That said, I also understand wanting some change. How about a skylight in there?