Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Next Project

I do need to get some after photos posted. Other than the bookcase and a few items in the closet, the room is now officially Troy's. He loves it. Lots of room for Bionicles, and he has more room at that desk to do his homework. Loves the social studies, hates the math. I'm telling him to embrace the math, as he can't avoid it. We'll see. He's having a good year so far. Big man on campus as a 5th grader, no more braces, no more big brother, at least for a while. New big room, too. He also seems quite content (so far) to have his mom and dad to himself.

So, The Next Project. Russ, orderly thinker that he is, says it's to be the bathroom upstairs. This would complete our upstairs renovation, other than repainting now and again. Our bedroom is due now, but maybe I'll get that done when the bathroom is being done. I'm thinking the bathroom is a $10,000 project. Worst case scenario. Can't do $10,000 right now, but maybe $5,000. I still can't believe the estimate we got from ServiceMaster-- $27,000. Can you believe it? It was so outrageous I just laughed the guy right out of the house. As if! About 5 or so years ago another painter offered to "do" the bathroom for $4,500. Good price, but I didn't trust that he had the proper plumbing skills.

Thought for the day: Why is it that one gets the motivation and momentum to do what must be done on one's home just at the point when one has the least amount of money?


Kathleen said...

Bathrooms are expensive. Actually, I like the old original vintage bathrooms. That's why we didn't fuss with ours on 13th.

Kathy said...

I don't mind the vintage look myself, and we're lucky to have yellow, as opposed to another color I'd like less. Everything is in such bad shape though. Tiles are cracked, plumbing leaks, fixtures corroded. . . total demolition is necessary.

Kathleen said...

Ok. Photos are needed. I recall your bathroom as being much bigger than the one we had upstairs on 13th.