Friday, March 13, 2009

More on Window Seats

I posted not long ago about window seats, and the fact that I thought my radiators would prevent me from building one. Then I saw this website. Isn't this beautiful? There are several styles, and even ones with bookcases built above. I think I'd cover all four on the first floor. The one in the foyer next to the front door could have shelfs built in above, with baskets (one for each of the three of us). The cover on the radiator in the dining room could double as a sideboard. I REALLY like this idea.


Kathleen said...

That is clever. You could do that.

GB said...

This gives new meaning to the hot seat!

Anonymous said...

what site did you fine this on? its beautiful and i want to try to have something like this made?


Kathy said...

Anon-- the link in my post doesn't work anymore, but try this one:

Thanks for stopping by!