Wednesday, September 14, 2011

THIS is for ME!

I promised my blogger pal Pam J. some Homegrown Honey-- Dinwiddie Reserve-- and when she got it  she was most appreciative. SO appreciative, she, in turn, sent me a gift.

I LOVE getting packages in the mail! And this one was very special. She might have appreciated my honey harvesting efforts, but she actually made something with her own hands that I could never replicate. And I've tried, trust me. I loved her note card too. In it she says she hopes somebody in my household can use this beautiful scarf once the weather turns more fall-like.

Well, trust me Pam, THIS one's for ME! It's just the right length, just the right heft, just the right color. (The model doesn't do it justice.)

I even liked the recipe on the back of the card.

Pam, you are so welcome, and thank YOU!


Pam J. said...

Yay! it arrived. And may I say it looks wonderful around your neck. It's 11:25 PM and time for my daily toast, butter, and honey. (Don't you think that the US Postal Service is an amazing thing? I want to start a Save Our Post Offices campaign.)

Kathy said...

I agree on the USPS idea! I saw an op-ed in the Washington Post the other day that made sense. If the USPS could privatize more, they could position themselves in the present day, maybe with their own ISP service, among other ideas.

Kathleen said...

Wow. That's pretty. I want the pattern! Haven't knit in ages.

The USPS. Ugh. We were out of town last week and I put a hold on our mail. A leaky valve in the bathroom caused water to flow into our dining room ceiling, so our trip was delayed so we could do fun stuff like take out part of the dining room ceiling, etc. The delay allowed me to see that our mail was still being delivered when it was not supposed to be. I called the local office, squared things away to hold the mail, and off we went two days later. Got home Saturday and the mail was still being delivered. Privatizing might be a good plan.